Compassionate, thorough, expert skin care

The core of our expertise is in medical and surgical dermatology, for patients of all ages. If you have a problem with your skin, we are here to help you. This includes not only diagnosis and treatment of non-surgical skin problems, but also surgical removal of unwanted skin lesions such as moles, skin cancers, skin tags and other abnormal growths.

Emphasis on patient education

We want you to understand as much as possible about your skin, and about any treatments recommended. Good medical care requires a partnership between the health care staff and the patient. We are willing to work with you to evaluate and treat any skin problems in a way that fits best with your own philosophy about life and how you care for your body.

Expert diagnosis and treatment
for diseases of the skin, hair, and nails

skin cancers & pre-cancers   .   warts   .   acne   .   rosacea
moles & skin growths   .   rashes   .   psoriasis & eczema
genital warts   .   herpes   .   fungal infections of the skin or nails
hair loss & diseases of the hair   .   cysts & abscesses
shingles   .   cutaneous lupus