Patient Handouts : Wound Care for Shave Biopsy

Wound Care for Shave Biopsy

  • Try to keep the dressing dry.
  • Sometimes the wound may start to bleed. If this happens, apply focal pressure to the wound for 15 minutes. That should stop the bleeding. If it does not, continue to apply pressure and call us.
  • Change the bandaid every day; each time you change the bandaid, apply a protective ointment to the wound (Aquaphor, polysporin, bacitracin are examples).
  • If the dressing gets wet, it should be changed as soon as possible.

Note: the wound should not hurt! It will be sore, like a bruise, the first night, and after that it may be tender to touch, but it should not hurt. It may sting or burn if it gets wet, or if it is exposed to the air without a protective coating of ointment.

Please contact our office for any of the following

  • Pain in or around the wound site
  • Redness extending more than about 1/3 inch from the edge of the wound
  • Swelling of the wound or the area around it
  • If you are worried that there might be something wrong